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Best Agriculture College in Dehradun

The School of Agriculture is dedicated to imparting the best quality of learning atmosphere, which makes it a key aspect of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University. SOA is also the top Dehradun Agriculture University for modern agro-professional and advanced agricultural education, along with undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes running under the school that emphasize the development of technical and professional skills, experiential learning for entrepreneurship and job opportunities, innovative research and extension, and many that integrate student progress in smart agriculture. SOA offers top-notch facilities and encourages students to meet a variety of local, regional, national, and international criteria.

In addition to a large number of eminent faculty members, SOA has established the best state-of-the-art infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories, well-maintained practical fields, and much more. We support a distinctive learning environment that ensures students are integrated into the 21st century and supports their overall growth.


Carving the youth as dynamic, competent, valued and knowledgeable agriculture Professionals, who shall lead the Nation to a better future with food security.


  • Providing Quality Education, student-centered Teaching-learning processes and state-of-the-art Infrastructure for professional aspirants hailing from both rural and urban areas.
  • Imparting technical education that encourages Independent thinking, develops strong domain of knowledge, hones contemporary skills and Positive attitudes towards holistic growth of young minds.
  • Evolving the school into a Center of Academic and Research Excellence in agriculture education and will be world leader in the field of agro science practices with the mission of strengthening the agriculture sector of the country.

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Merit-based admission process with online application at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.



The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster leadership and management skills for agricultural professionals, with a strong emphasis on enhancing farming and production processes.


The program offers a comprehensive overview of the country's agriculture system, including its historical development and the key factors influencing its present structure.


Our dedicated career support team at DBUU is committed to assisting graduates in securing placement opportunities across diverse agricultural sectors, be it in private enterprises or government organizations.


Our campus boasts a top-notch, modern infrastructure, creating an ideal environment for learning and research. With experienced researchers and academics as mentors, students benefit from a robust peer-learning experience.


The program equips graduates with cutting-edge knowledge and skills required to tackle the evolving challenges in today’s competitive agriculture sector.


Through highly interactive, seminar-style classrooms, students actively apply their recently acquired agricultural knowledge to real-life farming situations and challenges, working collaboratively with peers and faculty.

Dr. Manisha Phogat

Dean, School of Agriculture

DEAN'S Message

As a Dean of the School of Agriculture, I'm glad to be a part of this university and thrilled to invite you to explore the exciting world of agriculture at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University! Here, you'll join a vibrant community of learners and passionate professors dedicated to making a real difference
Just think about diving into groundbreaking research alongside experts in cutting-edge labs. We don't just talk about agriculture; we experience it hands-on, with projects, internships, and industry visits to bring your studies to life. Don't worry about being bookworms – we're committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who can become future leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.
Whether you're curious about sustainable farming, groundbreaking research, or building your own agri-business, we have a path for you. So, come join us and cultivate your future, together!
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SOA Faculties

Dr. Anjana Chauhan - Asst Prof.

Dr. Anjana Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Dr Preeti Handa Kakkar - Associate Prof.

Dr. Preeti Handa Kakkar


Dr. Himani Jeena - Asst Prof.

Dr. Himani Jeena

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gargi Shekhar - Asst Prof.

Dr. Gargi Shekhar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manoj Kumar Shukla - Associate Prof. - HoD

Dr. Manoj Kumar Shukla

HoD, Associate Professor

Dr. Sushila Arya - Asst Prof.

Dr. Sushila Arya

Assistant Professor

Er. Satendra Kumar - Asst Prof.

Er. Satendra Kumar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ankit Pant - Asst Prof.

Mr. Ankit Pant

Assistant Professor

Mr. Tapor Pakpu - Asst Prof.

Mr. Tapor Pakpu

Assistant Professor

Ms. Poonam Gusain - Asst Prof.

Ms. Poonam Gusain

Assistant Professor

Ms. Prena Gupta - Asst Prof.

Ms. Prena Gupta

Assistant Professor


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Student Speak

I am Anubhav Kumar and 3rd year student pursuing BSc Agriculture. Agriculture involves creative working, practical applications and we are provided with best equipped facilities. This college provides a friendly enivronment, cooperative teachers, staff, seniors and other workers.

Anubhav Kumar

I am Goutami Manral, a student of the BSC Agriculture (2019- 2023) batch of the School of Agriculture at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University. I aspire to have a career that involves critical thinking, creative working and practical applications in the agricultural field and academic research. SOA provides us with the platform to be creative and inquisitive in both the agricultural field and laboratories. We are learning to appreciate, promote, and maintain sustainable agricultural food production.

Goutami Manral

I consider my time at DBUU, Dehradun, an opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams. not only in field of education but also in sports and culture. The University add wings to the students, so they can fly and achieve their goals. My keen interest in field of agriculture , institute provide me the accurate knowledge with best practical and field work this. make perfect choice for me

Atul Raj

I was not much of a explorer and learner earlier, but with every passing semester at this university, I kept on learning about how to excel in every field of my life, especially agriculture. My family is from an agriculture background, and by studying here, I sensed a great opportunity to help my father make farms futuristic, and studying here has allowed me to hope for contributing to this country's agricultural department.



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