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Nursing Lab

Lab-Department of Nursing

Anatomy Laboratory: Anatomy laboratories in medical schools are places for students to learn human clinical anatomy through the dissection of human cadavers.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with community bags and articles for performing various procedures such as screening of diseases and care of minor ailments in urban and rural communities.

Computer Laboratory: A computer lab is a space where computer services are provided to a defined community.

Nursing Skill Laboratory: The nursing skill laboratory is a learning ground for all clinical skills. It is an important setting where the nursing students learn nursing procedures and at the same time practice what they have learned without worrying about the risk of harming the patient.

Nutrition Laboratory: Nutrition laboratory becomes a place where not only healthy eating is promoted, but also, through creative and fun culinary activities, it provides students the opportunity to learn about proper food preparation, food safety, servings, and correct association of food in menus.

OBG & Paediatrics Laboratory: The OBG Lab ensures effective and efficient services to our student community and enable them to function as educators, managers and researchers in the field of maternity nursing. The Lab is well equipped with Birthing Simulators, Pelvis, Fetal Skull, Various Obstetrical Instruments, different kinds of Models etc.

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