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About Us

The University has 01 Central Library catering to different schools located at Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University Campus. The Central Library is also equipped with e-centers having 55 terminals. Libraries comprise a space of 4521.93 sq.m. Our Libraries offer our readers a great collection of most recent editions of databases, books, journals, periodicals, e-journals and publication from well known National and International publishers. Online and digital learning resource, which may be accessed 24/7. The library is fully automated with the help of the ERP software.

The University library has a rich collection of more than 96,288 volumes with 10,584 unique titles related to Engineering, Management, Applied Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Ayurveda, Paramedical Sciences, Hotel Management, Architecture, Journalism & Mass Communication, 50,768 e-Books, 15,145 e-Journals which are spread across all the departmental libraries located in different academic blocks of the University campus.

The University have the subscription of National Digital Library of India and Knimbus to offer our readers to access and experience a great resource of knowledge from any where any time 24/7.

Library Timings

Type Timings
Library Timings for Day Scholars 09:30am - 04:30pm.
Library Timings for Hostelers 09:30am - 07:00pm
Hostelers ensure their presence in the library for extended hours On or Before 05:00pm.
Sunday’s and Holiday’s Closed

Library Rules For Students

  • The Library Card/ ID Card Is strictly non-transferable and books will be issued to-owner only.
  • Books will be issued for 15 days only, but may be recalled if urgently required.
  • Periodical / Journal/ Reference Books / CD will NOT be issued; refer them in the reading room.
  • Bags / Personal Belongings are NOT allowed inside the Library and take permission for taking any book outside the Library.
  • The Students may re-issue the books if not in demand on physical presentation of the books.
  • The last borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the books/periodicals unless it has been pointed out at the time of issue and keep the issue book clean & in good condition.
  • Respect privacy of other students, faculty, and staff. Be considerate of others – no loud talking, and disruptive behavior. Do not disrupt the Library with noisy or disorderly conduct.
  • Turn Off or set ringer to silence all cell phones prior to entering the library. NO call inside library.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking while in the Library and reading room.
  • Do not indulge in damaging, or defacing Library facilities, materials, equipments or software.
  • Lack of cooperation will result in removal from the premises, and/or restriction of Library privileges.
  • The NO Dues Certificate can be secured from the Library after surrendering the borrower’s card and clearing all library dues.
  • All Library staff is expected to apply library rules in a fair, reasonable and positive manner. Student who question the way that library rules have been applied may inform Librarian. If a solution cannot be found, The Head, Library Committee will be consulted. Final discretionary power lies with University Competent authority.
  • These rules are intended to maintain the library’s peaceful atmosphere, facilitate library usage, preserve easy access to Library materials, and protect library property.
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