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Welcome to the National Hackathon Lakshagriha 2.O!!

This National Hackathon is an obvious CAREER BOOST. They will make you more aware of your own capabilities and also booster your confidence.

The objective of this Open for All hackathon is to establish the ideal environment for creating and refining great ideas. Nothing jumpstarts the creative process quite like these words “on your marks, get set, go!”. And, that is exactly what a national hackathon does. Students have the opportunity to learn while trying their hands at a national-level process. Hackathon also drives change not just in what programmers do, but who is represented in tech. These events are powerful drivers for change, a more equitable place because of their impact. The main aim of this national hackathon is to inculcate team building and problem-solving among students. With a mere registration amount of Rs. 1200, you can enter into the hub full of opportunities and exposure to explore on the National level. The Lakshagriha Hackathon is open for all students of age group 18-26 nation-wide. Get a chance to win handsome prize money of Rs.50, 000. With a 4 members team, you will not only explore competition, but also team management and leadership skills! Sign-up for this grand national hackathon today and get a chance to win attractive prize money.

AIM of the Events

  • Main aim of National Hackathon is to Improve Learning opportunity and Spark Innovation.
  • They also provide students to practice their skills with Real-Life Problems.
  • Through hackathon competition, Students builds confidence.
  • They can be used to build Entrepreneurship and Carrier Planning.
  • They can help Students to Face Challenges and to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Enroll with us and stand a chance to win a cash price of Rs.50,000/-

The hackathon will be conducted into 2 phases-

Crack the code (Knock Out Round)

1- Question is of Test-Case type:

  • Basic Case Type
  • Advance Case Type

2- Time will be of 12 hours.

3- Questions will be structured to test a student’s logical reasoning and problem-solving ability.

4- Answering one question correctly will fetch you 200 points.

5- Students will not be allowed to re-attempt a question once saved.

6- The maximum number of points you can score in the case type is 1600 points (8 case type x 200).

7- No cap on time per question.

Finale (Advance Level)

1- Use your laptop or personal computer for the best Hackathon experience.

2- Question is of Test-Case type:

  • Basic Case Type
  • Advance Case Type

3- Students will get 3 hours to submit the code.

4- Post Evaluation, the top 3 test cases by students will be awarded with additional points.

  • 1 st place: 5000 points.
  • 2 nd place: 4000 points.
  • 3 rd place: 3000 points.

5- No re-attempts. One submission per student.

6- Each project will be evaluated by our Expert Team.

Be the first student to attempt the challenge!!


  • Hackathon is a national level coding competition for a group of teams competing for solving problems.
  • Maximum members in a Team- 4 Coders


  • All the points accumulated in the case type and the open-ended project will get added to the leaderboard.
  • Each student will be ranked based on the points accumulated during the event. The higher points, the higher you are on the leaderboard.

How Hackathon projects will be evaluated

1- Each test case Points will be evaluated based on 4 rubrics:

  • Creativity: Thinking out of box.
  • Correctness: Out of all the code written by the student how much is correct.
  • Completeness: How close the completion is this project.
  • Coding Ability: Has the student shown ability to use coding concepts to good use.

2- Project will be randomly allocated to the Experts to avoid cheating.

3- There will be 2 rounds of evaluation. Top rated test cases will move to the next round.

4- Winners will be granted additional points and total will be evaluated.

  • 1st Place - 5000 points
  • 2nd Place - 4000 points
  • 3rd Place- 3000 points

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Teams must register a minimum of 1 coder and upto a maximum of a group of a 4 coders.
  2. All players participating in the Hackathon must be registered as a part of the team.
  3. Mode of competition will be offline.
  4. In case of any issues related to the competition, you may write to and it shall be taken to the concerned authorities.
  5. Any attempts at unfair play, including soliciting help from a third-party, deliberate attempts at hindering the participation of another participant, any third -party modification, add-on, “hack” or manipulation of the competition’s code will be considered cheating.
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