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Department of Forensic Sciences

Department of Forensic Sciences

The Department of Forensic Sciences is dedicated to the application of scientific principles to legal investigations. Our programs, available at undergraduate level, cover a range of forensic disciplines, including forensic chemistry, forensic biology, and digital forensics. Faculty members, with extensive experience in forensic research and casework, guide students through a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills. The department emphasizes the role of forensic science in the criminal justice system and provides students with the tools to contribute to the resolution of legal cases.

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B.Sc.[Hons.] - Forensic Science

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Forensic Science Lab:Enter the world of investigation and deduction in the forensic science lab. From crime scene analysis to DNA profiling, students learn the techniques used to solve mysteries. This lab is a captivating blend of science and detective work, where students apply scientific methods to unravel complex criminal cases.



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