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Ayurveada Lab

Lab-Department of Ayurveda

Anatomy Laboratory: Anatomy laboratories in medical schools are places for students to learn human clinical anatomy through the dissection of human cadavers.

General-ward: General ward is a common unit where patients who are admitted share the same room. The ward is equipped with health monitoring systems with one-to-one care assistance for patients as required.

ICU Ward: Intensive care units (ICUs) is a specialist ward that provide treatment and monitoring for people who are very ill. They're staffed with specially trained healthcare professionals and contain sophisticated monitoring equipment.

Operation-Theatre: Operation theater (also known as an operating room (OR), operating suite, or operation suite) is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in an aseptic environment.

Panchkarma Laboratory: Panchakarma aims to do that and correct the imbalances by eliminating the adverse amas out of your system. The Panchakarma treatment basically involves daily massages and oil baths, herbal enemas, nasal administrations. It is a very pleasurable and rejuvenating experience for both the body and the soul.

Pathology Laboratory: Pathology is considered part of laboratory medicine, a group of medical specialties that study body fluids, such as blood and urine, and cells or tissues to diagnose specific diseases and thus assist medical practitioners in identifying the cause and severity of disease, and in monitoring treatment.

Physiotherapy Laboratory: Physiotherapy Lab includes the assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems. This includes any injury to the muscles, bones or joints in the body, including the back and neck.

Rog-Nidan Laboratory: Rog-Nidan Lab used for the diagnosis of a disease which include Hetu, Roopa, Purvaroopa, Upsaya and Samprapti.

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